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In order to search for high quality teas, the firm's CEO personally traveled overseas, seeking collaboration from tea producing masters. Quality teas emphasize aroma which is neither pungent nor artificial flavors created by using flavoring additives. 

Black Tea.jpg

Black Tea

Ding Tea's black tea is the only variety which blends black tea from the world's three major production regions. The dried tea leaves are in shredded strip form and have a dark brown color; the soup of the tea appears vermillion in color, while the taste is natural, refreshing and rich. It is also known as the champagne of black tea.


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Green Tea

Our meticulously selected tea leaves have a unique flavor of jasmine scented green tea; apart from its smooth texture, it is also rich with the fragrance of green tea. Green tea emphasizes quality, and the inferior products sold on the market often consist of more branches than leaves. Thus regardless of how they are brewed, green tea often exudes a bitter, harsh taste and lacks aroma. Ding Tea uses premium grade high mountain tea leaves that are plump and uniform; the color of the tea leaves 

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oolong tea

The most important aspect of Oolong Tea is the roasting process; if it is over-roasted, it will taste bitter and harsh; if it is under-roasted, the tea will become tasteless. The delicate balance can only be achieved by a professional tea master, making it one of the most complex crafts in all tea categories. Depending on the level of roasting, the same tea leaves may be categorized into: Longjing, Baozhong, Dongding, Baihao and Tie Guan Yin.